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Margo Selby - Cushions

Margo Selby - Cushions

Woven using mixed fibres including a heat shri​nk yarn which creates a tension in the cloth to create an embossed-like surface.

Jorn - has been designed as a study of micro patterns in large scale. The bold design is composed within a linear structure and restricted colour pallet inspired by Japanese indigo dyes. 

Brighton - is an iconic Margo Selby design. Constructed using a linear motif layout, it plays with repeats in a uniformed pattern injected with colour inspired by Islamic architecture. 

Calypso - Inspired by the forms of cut jewels, and woven in a rich multi-coloured scheme Calypso is an iconic Margo Selby fabric. 

Otero - is a large-scale geometric pattern inspired by American quilts. The design is made up of clean interlocking shapes filled with varying pinstripe details.

 *Please note there are more designs available in store*